Sauge et Sapin is the result of the founders’, Valerie and Jessica, indescribable love for their children and their sweet, longtime friendship. These two women, mothers and fashion enthusiasts, established and manage the company with a mission to provide incomparable comfort to children. Sauge et Sapin has been specially designed for newborns who require the most gentle rest, as well as for toddlers starting to explore the world around them. Durable, well designed, and soft on the skin, our clothes will soon become essentials of your little ones' wardrobe.
Their outfits will have a touch of lightness, thanks to our colour palette, reminiscent of the beauty of nature. Our local company is mindful of the needs of parents. We hope to communicate our passion and desire to design adorable, high-quality clothing for your children through our various collections.
We are guided by a deep appreciation of the four elements: water, air, fire and earth. You can get a sense of these elements with our different collections.